Things to do for a bachelor party

Bachelor parties are becoming the favorite parties nowadays with most young people looking to have some great time with the groom. It is supposed to be the last time for the groom to have fun with the boys before quitting the bachelor club. However, it is always the boys who are looking forward to the party more than the groom himself. Even the married friends of the groom always get an excuse to go out the whole night and experience what they had left. So what are the things that happen at bachelor parties?

It is real big deal for a man to quit the bachelorhood club and most of the events during the party usually surround the groom. What makes a bachelor party great is doing things are hilarious, incredibly stupid and unforgettable. A combination of these three makes a bachelor party a hit. The list of things that can be done at bachelor parties are endless and depends on with the creativity of the best man. However, there are some epic things that must be done if the party has to be a hit and make everyone have a good time. Here are some of the things that happen at bachelor parties:

  • Get some girls to give you some makeover
  • Go put your pants over your trousers
  • Get to the dance floor and show everyone your best dance moves
  • Go and make a girl kiss you while the rest of your friends watch
  • Ask at least three women if they are your fiancée and get serious when they say no
  • Dance with a group of women at once
  • Stuff a dollar in a ladies pant
  • Get the most gorgeous woman in the party to get to spank you
  • Convince strangers you meet in the party that your bride to be is virgin

Well, these are just a few of the things at happening when the party has hit the climax. Getting pretty women to the party is a must if you want to have some epic time. When I say pretty women, I mean supermodels. Strippers or escorts are an ideal choice to test the groom if he is ready to go ahead and quit the bachelor club. The groom gets almost all the favors and requests at the party. If you decide to bring strippers to the party, then make sure you explain to them in advance everything you would want them to do to the groom. In most instances, the groom is given a chance to have sex with the most gorgeous woman at the party.

Drinking at bachelor parties goes without saying. Alcohol must be in plenty to avoid instances where it runs out before the party ends. No matter how the groom drinks, it is the responsibility of the best man to get him back to his hotel room. Most people think all people at the parties cheat but is not the case. Most can have fun all night and leave without having sex with any woman. However, even if they did cheat, you are never going to know as there unwritten rules of bachelor parties never allow anything that happened in the party to go out.

The planning of the bachelor party is usually left to the best man. The groom is not allowed