5 Things You Don’t Know About Strippers

How well do you know strippers? In almost all ways strippers are people just like us. The only thing that makes them different from us is the things they do that make them unlike us. What is it like working as a stripper? There are several things that we don’t know about strippers. Before you starting judging them, here are five facts you probably didn’t know about strippers. Knowledge of these five facts might change the way you think about strippers.

1) 1 out of 9 strippers is married

Well did you know that some married people do work as strippers? One in every nine strippers working at a nightclub is probably married. This might appear as a surprise, but you will be surprised to know most of the married ladies who work as strippers work with the full consent of their husbands. The money the strippers make is worth it, and most money who are home daddies totally agree with it.

2) 60% of strippers have a time day job

It is difficult to know if someone is a stripper when they are done stripping. It is like going to a totally different life during the night and being different people during the day. Most of the strippers have time day job working in various industries. Research done on strippers shows that 14% of the strippers who have part time jobs work as teachers.

3) 86% of people think stripping is a legitimate job

You might have your say on strippers but over 86% of people are okay with stripping and think it is a legitimate job. Despite most of the conservatives having issues with stripping in the society, these women and men are earning a genuine income and paying tax to the government.

4) Strippers earn upwards of $122,000 per year

How much do you make a year? Well, stripping is a very lucrative job where most strippers earn upwards of $122,000 a year. This is a lot of money capable of sustaining their daily needs and supporting family members and friends. Their students strippers who have paid their college fees working as strippers part time. In most cases, strippers can earn up to $3000 a night depending on how the day goes. There is a lot of money moving around in the stripping business. Most of their customers are very generous and tip them well. You might be surprised to learn that the adult entertainment industry makes much more money than the NFL or Hollywood. Stripping can make you rich quickly, and most of the women who work as strippers do it for a certain duration where they save and start living normal lives later.

5) One in five female strippers has dated their clients

If you think all the men who go to strip clubs go there for fun, then you are wrong. One in every five strippers has ended up dating their clients and most of the relationships usually lead to marriage. Not all men have that thinking that they can’t date strippers. Most of the strippers have a very successful relationship with men who know the kinds of work they are doing are okay with it.