5 Las Vegas Hookup Rules

If you know what you’re doing in Las Vegas, it is a really good place to party and have fun. Every city in the world has its culture or what we call the rules that the people in that city live by. Las Vegas is no different if you’re visiting for the very first time. There rules that you must know to be able to operate like the residents of the city and not waste your money in a single day. Remember you’re visiting Sin City. You must know your ways around, the best joint and how to manage yourself with the many women working in the adult entertainment industry.

There are no specific written rules on what you should do and not do when you enter a strip club. However, here are some simple rules to help you around while in Las Vegas.

1) Don’t go out on your own

Most people partying or clubbing in Las Vegas happen to be groups. Most tables in nightclubs are filled with groups of three to five people who happen to be friends. Going out with friends makes it quite easy to socialize and meet new people than when you go out by yourself. Las Vegas is a very tough place to meet new people and socialize when you are out by yourself. Organize to visit Vegas with a couple of friends and everything will be great.

2) Be open to all options

Las Vegas is a city where you can meet almost anybody from all the parts of the world. This is the only place that gives you the opportunity to taste the diversity of life. When it comes to women, you can find almost all types of women from the different parts of the world. This is not the time to stick to what you usually do. It is time to open up and explore new things. The women in Las Vegas are diverse. Go out and experience something new.

3) Don’t get drunk too early

There is no specific time to start drinking while in Las Vegas, but my advice is; don’t get drunk too early. Fun and partying starts late in the night when everyone else is drunk, and nobody cares what the others think of them. If you drink too early and pass out early, you will miss out the best of Vegas. If you must drink early, drink lightly and make sure you know yourself by 10: pm. This is the time when you can get yourself, women, easily; when most are drunk and socialize without boundaries.

4) Be a gentleman

The Las Vegas women are gorgeous, but you must be a gentleman to get the best out of them. Even if you are picking an escort, a hooker or a stripper from a nightclub, these women must be treated with respect to giving you absolutely everything. This is where most guys get it wrong by treating them badly just because they are paying them. Remember you are not the first man they have been with in this industry. These are women who have held hundreds of conversations with men and knew exactly how to handle them. Be nice to them and they will give you their best.